Southern coast of Maine

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Rene Risher-Kelly is Maritime Productions Founder, Producer, Playwright, Casting Director and was the original performer for this critically acclaimed unique entertainment company for travelers since 1993.   Rene has also been a writer & voice-over artist on hundreds of television commercials and narrated and written many shows in New York and New England. She has held positions as an advertising and creative executive working for three of the world's largest media/entertainment corporations and a LORT C Theater. 

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About Us

Award-winning Maritime Productions  started as an adventure-driven completely unique professional theatre company and highly popular attraction for many years along the New England coast aboard amazing vessels at sea and other creative settings. Their professional theatre cruise was enjoyed by thousands and thousands of passengers in Bar Harbor and Kennebunkport Maine as a full-time seasonal attraction as well as special appearances  aboard other vessels.  Maritime Productions also ventured into deep south Texas to build a custom theatre inside a legendary notorious South Texas landmark and produced  4 original one act plays that were a big hit and another unusual, one-of-a-kind adventure.

 Following in the same tradition that made the original live plays in unorthodox settings a hit, the new electronic series and new immersive live adventures add a fun twist.  Bold exploration of the hidden secrets of a region brought to life to accompany the journey throughout the travel of an individual or for private group.
Thrills for the lonesome road warriors and boaters or saucy entertainment to spice up a gathering at the RV Park, Marina, or Bike Club.

Designed for those that Roam Wild or for the dreamers that wish they were on the road or out on the water, but still stuck on the couch!


Greetings from my studio here on the beautiful southern coast of Maine.  I am thrilled to announce a completely new Maritime Productions live entertainment experience that will be starting in Maine very soon.  Bringing award-winning unique experiences to travelers by combining professional theatre with outdoor adventure and other unique environments has been the standard formula that has worked very well for over 20 years.   However, the world has changed a lot since I started this company in 1993!

Because electronics and technology has changed the way we live in a profound way now I have decided to take what has been successful for a long time and morph it into something even more original and even more unusual to keep remaining ahead of the curve to bring you something very different than you will find anywhere else!  I have always reinvented adventure and entertainment but now it was time once again to turn it up a notch to remain fresh, and befitting with what I believe is needed in the current world we are living in today.
I never imagined my company would grow the way it did and end up winning an award and even had somewhat of a cult following!  I never understood why people would return over and over and go to the same show in different locations.  I never understood why people were bringing their kids... hey,  I created this for adults!  Lo and behold,  I had much to learn!   What I thought was a bit too outlandish or racy for children in 1994 was tame compared to the average Saturday morning cartoon!  Always using the most talented seasoned professional actors as well as working with top notch historians and researchers to create the highest caliber adventure possible made us stand out from the rest.  Many people tried to imitate what we did successfully for many years and some still do but the quality and professionalism was unmatched and has never been recreated.    The rest was history and we became one of the most popular attractions in New England.

 The talented and seasoned character actors that have performed in my adventure-driven live shows for the first 20 years have been of the highest caliber and I have been proud of every performance from every last one of them.   The fun and kooky boat captains,  crews, museum directors, hotel owners, historians, authors,  avant-garde researchers and of course all the audience members and passengers that purchased tickets certainly made this one  glorious ride!  They are memories that have made my life rich beyond what I ever imagined.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Now for the next chapter.   The live performance of course carries its own magic and energy but technology today is an important part of everyday life and there is no denying that being able to create a larger body of work that is available for people to enjoy in their own location of choice while they travel, sharing the experience with whom they wish is very appealing. So, with that said there will be electronic shows available for certain areas of the country and specific categories of interest.  HOWEVER, THE NEW LIVE IMMERSIVE ADVENTURES THAT ARE COMING TO MAINE WILL BE THE MOST UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL EXPERIENCE I HAVE PRODUCED SO FAR SO WATCH FOR THE DETAILS ON THIS SITE STARTING THE SUMMER OF 2018!!!!!

I have always produced unique, groundbreaking entertainment for travelers.  I never followed the rules and I still don't,  I set out to create what I would want to experience as I travel that I never could find.  I was always grumbling about the latest boring tour guide,  poorly presented tour,  badly written museum presentation,  and bland boat excursion!

So, I did something about it and created the best quality attraction I could.   Professional theatre in a beautiful, adventurous setting blended with all the best legends, haunts & folklore of the past.   From magnificent historic sailing and power vessels to breathtaking, famous landmark locations... we were well received  and were voted as one of the top 10 things to do in Maine by the Boston Press.  The many stacks of theatre and press reviews from Cape Cod to Maine to deep south Texas from our original live plays  are all positive (unheard of) so I hope the electronic series and my NEW, very unique bespoke immersive live adventures will give travelers something truly fresh and memorable.   So,  let the next stage of fun begin!

My latest gripe regarding travel today is that everything looks the same now as you move from place to place.  The chains and box stores covering the once diverse landscape makes it all so humdrum!  I remember when you would cross borders and everywhere you went was unique and carried its own flavor.  This series is the cure for the mundane and bland.  You will know the hidden and real flavor of each location by just sitting back and enjoying the ride,  presented in an entertaining and imaginative way.

Hopefully you will discover the intriguing highlights of a region that will enlighten you in a manner that will add a new dimension to your current journey or entice you to visit longer some time down the road.  My wish is to enrich your experience and add some depth and fun to your travels and to your life.
Hope I see you...
on the road,
aboard your boat,
on your bike,
at a five star resort,
on your balcony,
by a waterfall,
atop a mountain,
around a campfire,
the middle of the desert,
at an RV park,
a little cottage in the woods
or floating out in some clear blue water
enjoying the new electronic shows or on one of our live, immersive unique adventures! 

All my best,
Rene Risher-Kelly
Maritime Productions
Artistic Director/Founder