Coming soon....  Professional /Commercial exclusive electronic show packages available for the business owner or non-profit to help draw a crowd and add an additional revenue stream. We will help you create an attraction of your own at a very reasonable cost.  Simplicity is always best and has worked for us for over 20 years.  We do all the hard just add it to what you already do.

  • Boat Charters
  • Waterfront Restaurants
  • Maritime Museums
  • Fund Raisers for Non-Profit Arts & Animal Organizations
  • Wineries
  • Resorts... Activity Directors will love this low stress, high quality entertainment  tool in a pinch for groups.  No worrying that the entertainers will be late or not show. A controlled, relaxed experience behind the scenes.                                                                                           3 different packages available ... curious??  Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

New!!  Live,  immersive, bespoke entertainment adventures coming soon to Maine. Watch this site for details!

Seafaring Legends Haunts & Folklore of Maine's Mysterious Rockbound Coast & Inland Waterways ( this will be an immersive, live experience and completely unique...

The best from our award-winning show that was enjoyed live at sea along the Maine coast as well and new tales of intrigue from Maine's Lakes & Rivers and blended into a bespoke live adventure immersion into Maine that will be designed just for you.  (This will be a no cell phone or photos event with secret locales)  Do not worry... there will be cell phone and photo moments and breaks but this will be enforced to provide the ultimate adventure.

Seafaring Legends Haunts & Folklore of The Wild & Untamed Texas Coast(electronic)

Old Salt Hoodoo Biker Voyage
( Randy is a native Texan from Port Isabel/South Padre Island that has spent most of his life working on shrimp boats.   A wild life takes a different turn after he accidentally stumbles into the parlor of a hoodoo man in Galveston.  He finds himself aboard a schooner captained by a modern day eccentric that leads to gender-bending, treasure hunting, ghost ships, female pirates, mermaids, mermen and a life changing experience that seals his fate.)

Horse Drawn Cart of Justice
The chilling true story of Chipita Rodriguez...the last woman legally hanged in Texas as well as true burial rituals of the old west that are hard to imagine.

Vintage Trailer of Mexican Magic
(Senora Avalon is a retired nurse that lives in a vintage trailer in a charming kitschy Rv park in Brownsville.  Her healing profession continues in retirement but now as a Curandera practicing Mexican Folk magic.  When Ernesto and Reina from the McAllen/Edinburg area bring their disturbed young son and younger sister Patricia that he is torturing to see her, she finds a challenge that requires everything she's ever learned from her medical training and mystical practices. Mexican drug cartels, fast high powered yachts, evil dolls and the most famous legend of La Llorona on the Rio Grande River are all required to try and handle Carmine's terror.)

The Settings for Future Audio Entertainment Shows

 Massachusetts, Florida, Texas Coast,  California, Arizona, Alaska,  Great Lakes, New York, Pennsylvania,  The Carolinas and Georgia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire

• International
Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada, Canadian Maritimes, Cuba,  Nicaragua, Caribbean (Turks & Caicos, St Thomas, St Croix, St John) Singapore, Mexico, West Africa

• Special Interest
Wild Mustangs, Horses & Cowgirls, Wine & Spirits

Audio Show Releases: 
Available Now...

The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV Mare

2 CD Set
Disc 1:
A Complete SHOW with Music presented in a storytelling style (Entertainment)
Disc 2:
A Documentary Style Supplement to the Show (Infotainment)

You can go directly to our CD Baby Page if you click here to listen to samples and to purchase.

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Southern coast of Maine

CD 1- When the road won't stop calling, sometimes you just need to answer...  Bernie packs up her class A motor home and leaves her career, home and current life in the mid-west after a shocking twist of events.  Never looking back, she hits the road in an effort to grab a little fun and a whole lot of soul searching.  What she finds is a colorful and intriguing new world as she is introduced to all that is still wild about the west in this supernatural journey inspired by spirits that still roam rugged south Texas.  An RV trip revealing the untamed & unexplained haunted legends and oddities of an area with a rich jalapeno hot history.  Winter Texan Madness & Mayhem, Steamy encounters, Psychedelic cross-dressing, haunted abandoned insane asylum, King Ranch ghost horses, an RV park full of unconventional characters and an entanglement with the hidden secrets in the desert of the dead on her way into the tropics of The Rio Grande Valley. Complete 1 hour show with music.

SeaSmoke Entertainment Shop is OPEN
New Audio Entertainment Shows for Travelers Modern Day Explorers Tangle with Notorious Legends, Haunts & Folklore in a most Chilling & Unusual Offbeat way

Inspired by many years of in-depth research, history and wild events.

Each Audio Entertainment  show is meant to enhance, enlighten, educate and explore the hidden secrets and mysteries of specific geographic regions.

Available in CD or audio download formats

The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV-Mare

CD 2-  Documentary that links CD 1 with scientific studies regarding ancient belief systems and customs, Indian peyote vision quests, medicinal properties of peyote, madhouses, and how it all relates to life today.  Includes music and sound effects.
The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV Mare is a 2 CD above to order