CD 1- When the road won't stop calling, sometimes you just need to answer...  Bernie packs up her class A motor home and leaves her career, home and current life in the mid-west after a shocking twist of events.  Never looking back, she hits the road in an effort to grab a little fun and a whole lot of soul searching.  What she finds is a colorful and intriguing new world as she is introduced to all that is still wild about the west in this supernatural journey inspired by spirits that still roam rugged south Texas.  An RV trip revealing the untamed & unexplained haunted legends and oddities of an area with a rich jalapeno hot history.  Winter Texan Madness & Mayhem, Steamy encounters, Psychedelic cross-dressing, haunted abandoned insane asylum, King Ranch ghost horses, an RV park full of unconventional characters and an entanglement with the hidden secrets in the desert of the dead on her way into the tropics of The Rio Grande Valley. Complete 1 hour show with music.

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The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV-Mare

Southern coast of Maine


CD 2-  Documentary that links CD 1 with scientific studies regarding ancient belief systems and customs, Indian peyote vision quests, medicinal properties of peyote, madhouses, and how it all relates to life today.  Includes music and sound effects.
The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV Mare is a 2 CD above to order

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The Divine Cactus Tea Cantina RV Mare

2 CD Set
Disc 1:
A Complete SHOW with Music presented in a storytelling style (Entertainment)
Disc 2:
A Documentary Style Supplement to the Show (Infotainment)

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