Maritime Productions


Coming soon...NEW Immersive Entertainment/Outdoor Adventure Experiences custom curated just for you and presented by the founder of the company in Maine. A very unique addition to to your travels.



The Classic
(For the Landlubber)

 Enjoy viewing the water but not being out there on it yet still enjoying the content of the show and scenic location or locations. (Lighthouse, Cliff overlooking the ocean, seaside historic park etc)

Meet the Founder of the Company at a designation chosen specifically for you from Maine’s most memorable landmarks for

A guided scenic easy walk in a beach forest or a more challenging beach hike on the sand, or at a bike path for a scenic bike ride( you come with your own bike or a bike can be rented for you) plus a fully produced audio entertainment 

electronic show designed just for you.


Custom Curated for 1-4 people



The Seafarer
(Aboard a Boat on the Ocean)


For a coastal cruise (Arrangements taken care of for you, you just need to get yourself there. We can help you with that if you need it.) Closest location to you will be taken into consideration as long as it is one of our preferred, top quality excursions where we have a relationship with the captain to insure you receive the best that is available. You will experience our electronic show as well as the coastal cruise.

All of our bespoke experiences are a mix of entertainment and outdoor beauty/ adventure designed specifically for you. A professionally produced electronic show featuring Seafaring Legends, Haunts & Folklore of Maine’s Mysterious Rockbound Coast with music customized for you and time spent with the creator makes this a very personalized, interesting adventure.  You'll have private time with the founder before and after the cruise.

3 hours

Custom Curated for 1-6 people




Immersive Experiences Pricing and Guidelines


Your experience is customized just for you, it is put together by an expert and presented to you by the founder herself  after you fill out the questionnaire either online or by phone if you have no access to the internet where you are staying (such as a primitive campsite or a place with little or no internet service).

This does not take much time but it helps create a customized experience with more of what you are interested in and your comfort zone physically, artistically, intellectually, musical tastes, and food and beverage preferences.


2 general Packages are where we begin…The Classic & The Seafarer . 

 Each of these can be added onto or blended in some way to bring you exactly what you are looking for with our own surprises and mysterious adventures that are not known to you ahead of time.  You will have a general idea of what you will get but we keep specifics private so we can be flexible and change our itinerary to make this completely customized for the moment. This would not be an adventure if you knew everything up front. This does not mean disorganized, it means having a sense of spontaneity and deciding to choose a different place if conditions are not just right for the quality experience we are seeking for you. For example…we are at our first stop for a magical walk and a bus pulls up with a hoard of people…yes, we do not continue on… we leave and go to the next location that gives us the atmosphere we want.  We do not have a stopwatch set…this is not anything that is cookie cutter so we have the flexibility to take more time to make it right for you. 

No rushing you through something because the next load of people is showing up.  We do not book experiences back to back so close that there is no room for alteration.  That is why this is personal, and you are the center of what happens the entire time and why we only allow very small groups that are well acquainted with each other.  Since this is experienced with the founder of the company there is never a worry that you will get some new person on the job or a temporary summer employee that has something else on their mind. 

Manners and top notch professionalism seem to be a problem quite often in almost every field now, especially in high traffic tourism areas so you can be assured that everything is held to the highest standard because you are with the person that makes ALL the final decisions…

the owner/artist/producer of Maritime Productions.   Explore Maine with a seasoned professional that has plenty of off the record information and insider local tips and stories.  As a world traveling adventurer, maritime historian, storyteller and researcher, with a long history in the entertainment business...  Rene Risher-Kelly holds a plethora of , fun facts and stories to share with you above and beyond the electronic audio show.  


The Classic

(For landlubbers that like looking at the water but do not want to be on it)

Includes 1 customized audio entertainment show, tasty Maine inspired delicacies and beverages (based on your preferences) 1-2 activities/outdoor locations depending on how we customize it for you and your preferences.

Pricing is available for 1-6 people and ranges from $125.00 to $300.00 per person.  Exact quote available once specifics are designed and agreed upon.


The Seafarer

(Aboard a boat)

Same pricing as above but add approximately 42.00 – 55.00 for a 2 hour Sail aboard a large schooner or other vessel option.

2 ½- 3 ½ hours


* Important: This is an all electronic/ cell phone/photo/recording free adventure...

except for the electronics we supply.  This is enforced with no exceptions.  There will be times that you can take a quick photo of scenery or a landmark for your private collection but everyone's adventure is different so posting photos of where you have been does not give people an honest view of where they might end up on their custom crafted experience. So we ask that you do not engage in sharing info which might be false for another party with their preferences.  It also ruins the entire concept of having a unique adventure.    If you cannot abide by this and are looking for things to post online, then we are not a good fit and you will be happier finding something else to do.   There will be short breaks to check messages if you need to but if you are too involved in something else where you cannot disconnect for a couple of hours we will not be able bring you something proprietary and as special as we feel you deserve for the price we charge.

If you are ready to inquire and begin a booking for your visit to Maine please contact us directly by email for more details. Please send to

We can then send you a detailed list of preferences to check off.  We will contact you after that to work out final details to make sure this will enhance to your time spent here and that this is a good fit for you.  You will receive a quick response if sending email over calling since our ringers are usually turned off because of our sound studio.  Thank you for your interest!!!

Looking forward to bringing you

the magic and spender

that is Maine!

Southern coast of Maine